A peculiar life form…

Hayley Evans is a writer, editor, and self-professed dark weirdo. Her affinity lies with things that are morbid, philosophic, erotic, or strange (or an unholy combination thereof).

Her words have appeared in online art publications, where she specializes in writing about occult-themed photography, grotesque performance art, rogue taxidermy, existential cinema, and other forms of dark art. She has interviewed a range of well known and obscure artists, where her ability to detect artistic nuance uncovers compelling and hidden insights.

Hayley has worked as an editor for six years, polishing manuscripts for various publishing houses. She specializes in the (sub)genres of dark fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, feminist & LGBTQ+ literature, literary theory & criticism, and philosophy-forward works.

She holds an MA in English literature from the University of Victoria, where she focused on representations of bodies and eroticism in culturally reflective Canadian sci-fi literature.

She currently lives in Montreal with a potentially demonic cat amidst a collection of dusty books and broken animal bones.

…possibly human.

“Hayley has worked for me on a couple of large-scale international editorial projects and I couldn’t be happier with her work. She has a fierce, almost obsessive, attention to detail and ruthless will to do each job to perfection. Hayley is simply the best editor I’ve ever worked with. I know her work greatly improved my own—and that of many more professional international writers as well!”

— Dr. Stephen Ross, General Editor of the Routledge Encyclopedia of Modernism

“Hayley and I have worked together as editors in one form or another since our days copyediting for Routledge Press’s Encyclopedia of Modernism in 2014. She has distinguished herself repeatedly in her career as a meticulous and level-headed freelance editor. Her talent and reliability made her my first choice of hire as Senior Editor at FriesenPress and the professional I most hoped would come on board when I began my own editing company three years ago, which, thankfully, she did. In our five years of working together, she has always enriched our undertakings with her warmth, expertise, and fierce literary insight. I would endorse Hayley for any project she considers right for her, and I am as ever honoured to call her my peer, friend, and colleague.”

— Kate Juniper, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Juniper Editing & Creative

“Like a cat, she has the gift of an enhanced sight. She reads the darkness and translates her analytical and sensible vision into words. It is truly inspiring to collaborate with her.”

— Marie-Lou Desmeules, living sculpture artist

“Meticulous, intelligent, trustworthy—Hayley Evans is a gifted editor whose keen eyes and sharp red pencil have vastly improved the two book manuscripts I have sent her way. I am in awe of her uncanny ability to catch typographical errors, factual inconsistencies, and inelegant prose. Her calm professionalism and commitment to precision are unparalleled. I look forward to future collaborations.”

— Allana Lindgren, Associate Professor, Co-Editor of The Modernist World and Moving Together